Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter-church Aid Commission (EOC/DICAC) was established as a development wing of the church by a legal notice in 1972. Since its establishment, it has performed emergency relief, rehabilitation, development, refugees & returnees support, and HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities.

As one of the ancient churches, EOC is a founding member of the World Council of Churches (WCC), the all-African Conference of Churches (ACC), Joint Relief Partnership (JRP), Christian Relief and Development Association (CRDA) and has good relations with other faith based organizations and various humanitarian institutions both abroad and in the country.

As we all know, the church is truly broad-based. It has over 40 million followers, half a million clergies in 40,000 churches and monasteries, and about 6.5 million registered Sunday school youth. One can find a church in every district including remote and inaccessible locations throughout the country North, South, East and West. The clergies are highly integrated within the communities and their moral integrity and acceptability over the laity has a strong foothold in the Ethiopian society.

This broad-based presence in the country is sited as the greatest potential for the church to play significant role in the country’s development endeavor. Throughout its history, the church has remained part and parcel of the Ethiopian society and has prominent stake in its social and economic development. Moreover, the Church is recognized as the first to arrive at disaster scenes to reduce human suffering. More recently, the profile of the Church has been enhanced by its prominent role in development and in the fight against HIV/AIDS.